Special Education: General Curriculum

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree for Professional Development or Added Endorsement is offered for practicing teachers who already possess initial licensure and is designed to provide opportunities for continuing professional development, master’s level licensure for teachers and other school personnel, or endorsements in teaching or administration. Students in these programs must possess a collegiate professional or postgraduate professional Virginia license.

This program is designed for individuals who hold a Virginia teaching license who want to pursue a degree and added licensure in Special Education.

Admission Requirements
1. Three years of experience as a licensed teacher;
2. Submit a completed application for admission;
3. Submit official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate course work;
4. Have earned an undergraduate degree from a regionally-accredited college or university;
5. Have a GPA of 2.5 or higher on undergraduate course work and 3.0 or higher on graduate course work;
6. Provide a résumé outlining work experience and education;
7. Provide verification of the collegiate professional or postgraduate professional license;
8. Submit two essays.

An interview, initiated by the Admissions Committee, may be required as part of the admission process.

Program Course Sequence

Required Graduate Courses:

  • EDCI 580 Introduction to Research (3 credits)
  • EDCI 590 Individual Research (3 credits)
  • INDT 501 Instructional Technologies or INDT 531 Emerging and Assistive Technology  (3 credits)
  • EDSE 512 General and Special Education Goals and Practices: Middle and Secondary (3 credits)*
  • EDSE 519 General and Special Educational Goals and Practices: Elementary (3 credits)*
  • EDSE 521 Language and Literacy for Special Populations (3 credits)*
  • EDSE 531 Survey of Special Education: Characteristics and Legal Issues (3 credits)*
  • EDSE 533 Positive Approaches to Behavior Management (3 credits)*
  • EDSE 534 Assessment, Evaluation, and Instructional Planning (3 credits)*
  • EDSE 535 Collaborative Consultation and Transition Planning (3 credits)*
  • EDCI 551 Field Internship (3 credits) – May be waived with appropriate experience.*


3 – 6 hours of course work to be approved by program advisor.

*Required courses for the graduate endorsement pathway in Special Education: General Curriculum offered for candidates who possess a bachelor’s degree and a valid Virginia collegiate professional or a postgraduate professional license, and who wish to only pursue the endorsement. A minimum of 21 credits are required, as the courses are part of an endorsement program that has been approved by the Virginia Department of Education. EDCI 507: Early Literacy and Language Development is also required but will  be waived for elementary teachers as an equivalent course was part of their initial endorsement program.

Documents, Deadlines & Policies

Graduate Admissions


Program Policies: Graduate Program Catalog

Questions about the program, contact:

Dr. April Brecht
Director of Advising Center Services
Phone: (540) 286-8032
Email: abrecht@umw.edu