COE Clinical Faculty

Clinical Faculty members have completed in-depth training on mentoring, data coaching, and culturally relevant pedagogy through our Pathways to Excellence Program.  These teachers have been trained to be resources at their school to both new teachers and mentor teachers.

In order to stay a current Clinical Faculty member, Clinical Faculty must do one of the following during the school year:

Be a mentor teacher to one of the following:

  1. A practicum student from UMW
  2. A Student Intern from UMW
  3. A first year teacher at your school


Complete one of the following assignments:

  1. Be a guest speaker in a UMW course
  2. Help SEA (Student Education Association) or KDP (The Education Honor Society) with an event, workshop or panel
  3. Provide a workshop at your school for potential mentor teachers

Current Clinical Faculty Members


Samantha Grabman Berkeley Elementary Spotsylvania County
Kurt Whitmoyer Brock Road Elementary Spotsylvania County
Megan Stiffler Brooke Point High Stafford County
Meghen Alvarado Cedar Forest Elementary Spotsylvania County
Joselyn Beyer Cedar Forest Elementary Spotsylvania County
Mari Galindo-Sanchez Cedar Forest Elementary Spotsylvania County
Kelly Cardona Central Office Stafford County
Heather Correia Central Office Spotsylvania County
Ferida Cralle Central Office Stafford County
Tristin Fidler Central Office Fredericksburg City
Rebecca Firth Chancellor Elementary Spotsylvania County
Lynne Fultz Chancellor Elementary Spotsylvania County
Julia McNulty Lambert Chancellor Elementary Spotsylvania County
Rebecca Larkin Chancellor High Spotsylvania County
Kelsey Mason Chancellor High Spotsylvania County
Kaitlyn Boyle Chancellor Middle Spotsylvania County
Jeanie Fellinger Carr Chancellor Middle Spotsylvania County
Ruth Valle Chancellor Middle Spotsylvania County
Kerri Yon Chancellor Middle Spotsylvania County
Lesa Randall Chancellor Middle/Freedom Middle Spotsylvania County
Sandra Kelish College of Education UMW
Susan Pearson College of Education UMW
Cessi Kaim Colonial Forge High Stafford County
Lori May Conway Elementary Stafford County
Krystyne Meyer Conway Elementary Stafford County
Jesse Lacy Cosby High Chesterfield County
Kevin Johnson Courtland High Spotsylvania County
Anne-Marie Mastin Courtland High Spotsylvania County
Kathleen Kiel Creighton’s Corner Elementary Loudoun County
Kara Burford Falmouth Elementary Stafford County
Tonsolia (Lavon) Folson Falmouth Elementary Stafford County
Krista Colvin Freedom Middle Spotsylvania County
Risa Florip Freedom Middle Spotsylvania County
Rachael Matern Gayle Middle Stafford County
Heidi Ritenbaugh Gayle Middle Stafford County
Jeremy Utt Gayle Middle Stafford County
Katherine Counsell Grafton Village Elementary Stafford County
Kerri Pastwik Hampton Oaks Elementary Stafford County
Mia Boleis Hartwood Elementary Stafford County
Kelly Caldwell Hartwood Elementary Stafford County
Kristina Kelly Hartwood Elementary Stafford County
Elizabeth Trento Hartwood Elementary Stafford County
Lisa Jones Henderson Elementary Prince William County
Olivia Allen HH Poole Middle Stafford County
Sarah Dovel HH Poole Middle Stafford County
Jodi Ehlen Hugh Mercer Elementary Fredericksburg City
Aude Mann Hugh Mercer Elementary Fredericksburg City
Latanya Weeden James H. Cary Intermediate School Essex County
Kristi Allison James Monroe High Fredericksburg City
Michelle Silvestri James Monroe High Fredericksburg City
Chantel Blackwell Kate Waller Barrett Elementary Stafford County
Cynthia Ensley Kate Waller Barrett Elementary Stafford County
Angelica West Kate Waller Barrett Elementary Stafford County
Trista Turner Kyle R. Wilson Elementary Prince William County
Jenni Brady Lafayette Elementary Fredericksburg City
Kelly Skobjak Lafayette Upper Elementary Fredericksburg City
Emily Taylor Lafayette Upper Elementary Fredericksburg City
Kathy Weller Lafayette Upper Elementary Fredericksburg City
Rebecca Fuller Livingston Elementary Spotsylvania County
Emily Szentgyorgyi Livingston Elementary Spotsylvania County
Theresa Tempesta Massaponax High Spotsylvania County
Erik Gajeton Parklawn Elementary Fairfax County
Tracy Stone Parkside Elementary Spotsylvania County
Mitzi Biddle Patriot High Prince William County
Brandy Stevens Pennington Traditional School Prince William County
Jennifer Jenkins Potomac Elementary King George County
Amanda Dorazio Rising Star Stafford County
Michaela Godfrey Riverbend High Spotsylvania County
Heidi Keohane Riverbend High Spotsylvania County
Nicole McCloskey Riverbend High Spotsylvania County
Aneliz Obando-Briley Riverview Elementary Spotsylvania County
Heather Tetzlaff Riverview Elementary Spotsylvania County
Sarah McCeney Rockhill Elementary Stafford County
Renee Atkinson Salem Elementary Spotsylvania County
Christina Chaney Salem Elementary Spotsylvania County
Lisa Lewis Salem Elementary Spotsylvania County
Chelsea Johnson Smith Station Elementary Spotsylvania County
Shawna Ashton Administrative Services Spotsylvania County
Amy Bernard Spotsylvania High Spotsylvania County
Kimberly Walsh Spotsylvania High Spotsylvania County
Judith Caruso Spotsylvania Middle Spotsylvania County
Eileen Vaglia Stafford Elementary Stafford County
Megan Howell Stafford Middle Stafford County
Sharon King Taylor County High Taylor County
Marie Schuh Thornburg Middle Spotsylvania County
Julie Farrell Widewater Elementary Stafford County
Nadia Pettit Widewater Elementary Stafford County

Updated August 14, 2023