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Ukrop Fellowship


Constance Gallahan

Assistant Dean of Advising Services

Tel.:(540) 286-8032


Stafford South, Room 141

Graduate Admissions

Dre Anthes

Acting Associate Dean of Admissions

Tel.: (540)286-8086


Stafford South, Room 139


Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Suzanne Houff

Chair; Professor

College of Education

Phone: (540) 286-8071

Stafford Campus North Bldg, Room B241

Trinkle Hall, Room 223


Anna A. Perdue

Office Manager

College of Education

Phone: (540) 654-1034

Trinkle Hall, Room 223



Department of Foundations, Leadership, and Special Populations

Jane Huffman, Chair

Associate Professor of Education

Tel.: (540) 286-8117


Stafford North


Terry Luttrell

Office Manager

Tel.: (540) 286-8097


Stafford North, Room B203


Dean of the College of Education

Mary L. Gendernalik-Cooper

Dean, College of Education

Tel.: (540) 654-1290

Combs Hall


Kyra Whitehead 

Office Manager

College of Education – Office of the Dean

Phone: 540-654-1290


Combs Hall, Room 108