Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are a select group of students chosen through an application and interview process to represent the University of Mary Washington’s College of Education at various outreach activities, and conduct campus tours.  The program seeks students from diverse backgrounds who are enthusiastic and who demonstrate exceptional communication and leadership skills.

Meet our current Student Ambassadors:

Marine Beausergent, 2021

Spanish and French Major

Pk-12 Education

Fun Fact: Babies and dogs always have a soft spot in my heart.

Why do you want to be a teacher? All of the women I look up to in my life were/are teachers and I want to share my love for language.

What do you like about the COE? The professors.  They’re so motivating, genuine, and will do anything to help you succeed.


Madeline Coughlin, 2019


History Major

Secondary Education – History and Social Studies

Fun Fact: I have two dogs, Elizabeth and Nigel.

Why do you want to be a teacher? I want to help students prepare to be active and knowledgeable citizens who feel ready for the world – no matter where it leads them.

What do you like about the COE? The community! I have built genuine relationships with faculty and other students that I know will last beyond my college experience.

Glynnis Farleigh, 2020

History Major and Digital Studies Minor

Secondary Education – History and Social Studies

Fun Fact: I have worked at a preschool for 3 years, but I hope to teach middle or high school.  I currently work with UMW Libraries.  At work, I love being the go-to for creating art projects and bulletin boards.

Why do you want to be a teacher? I want to be a teacher in order to share my passion for history and to help my students find their path and achieve their goals.

What do you like about COE? What I like most about COE is how education students are thoroughly prepared throughout the program to become teachers with the guidance of extremely supportive professors and extensive classroom experience.

Sabine Wills, 2020

Psychology Major and Computer Science Minor

Elementary Education

Fun Fact: Most of my childhood was spent in a small village in Germany. I attended Kindergarten through third grade in a German public school.

Why do you want to be a teacher? Education is something that I’m passionate about.  I believe that education is a tool for liberation from individual and global struggles and that everyone should have access to quality learning environments.

What do you like about COE?  My professors have all imparted wisdom to me beyond the scope of their classes and I have become passionate about social justice issues and educational reform through their teaching. It’s an environment where multiple points of view are taken into account and there are constant discussions on what is best for students based on experience, research, or situation.

Student Ambassadors partake in various events and activities:

  • Conduct group or individualize campus tours
  • Facilitate classroom presentations at elementary, junior high, and high schools
  • Staff information tables at career, college, and community fairs
  • Assist with donor and presidential events
  • Provide students and the community with information regarding College of Education programs
  • Serve as encouraging role models and advocates of higher education
  • Participate in special events as needed