Licensure Information

To apply for licensure in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you must submit all your required paperwork for approval and verification to the College of Education. Once your application has been approved by the College,  it will be sent with all the required paperwork to the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). VDOE will contact you directly when your license has been approved. For specific Virginia Licensure Information, go to

COE will handle licensure paperwork for students who complete their internship at UMW and have completed all licensure requirements by graduation.

If you have questions about licensure, please contact – 

For all students in five-year and undergraduate programs: Kristina Peck, or (540) 654-1351

For all students in the post-baccalaureate program: Dr. Jane Huffman, Director of Advanced Programs, or (540) 286-8117

UMW Graduates and students seeking licensure in a state other than Virginia or a Provisional Licensure in Virginia- 

You may request a College Verification Form by completing the online request form here.