Internship Applications

The internship, previously referred to as student teaching, serves as the teacher candidate’s culminating clinical experience.  Under the guidance of a University Supervisor and a Mentor Teacher, the student intern assumes the duties of a full-time classroom teacher, from planning and executing lessons to classroom management.

Applying for 5th year Internship (Five Year Program Only)

Application for Admission/Continuation into the Graduate Program – Due by January 21, 2022

Student Internship Guidelines – Due by January 21, 2022

Applying for the Elementary Education Specialization (M.S. Five Year Program Only)

Application for Specialization – Due by January 21, 2022

Applying for the Internship (Post Baccalaureate and Undergraduate Students Only)

Teacher candidates submit applications for internship placements via the following link:

  • Spring 2023 Student Internship Application is due September 16th by 5 pm.
    • It is recommended that you meet with your adviser by the deadline to make sure all necessary course work and testing is completed before your internship.

Outline of Internship Placement Process

  1. The Director of Clinical Experiences prepares lists of prospective interns by program and for program directors and department chair review.
  2. Program directors and chairs confirm lists of interns requiring assignment.
  3. Mentor teachers are solicited to work with specific programs based on the recommendations of instructional faculty and school-based administrators. School administrators confirm availability of mentor teachers. Confirmed interns respond to emailed requests from the Director of Clinical Experiences for placement interviews.
  4. The Director of Clinical Experiences shares the open-ended responses on the internship application and relevant information from the placement interviews with school personnel who assist in the matching placement process.
  5. Following placement interviews, tentative intern/mentor teacher assignments are made by the Director of Clinical Experiences, with input from mentor teachers and administrators.
  6. The Director of Clinical Experiences confirms placements with interns, mentor school administrators and program directors.
  7. The Director of Clinical Experiences electronically (email) distributes confirmation letters to teachers and assignment lists to program coordinators and school administrators.

For any questions regarding clinical experiences, practicum and/or internships, please contact:

Kristina Peck, M.A.
Director of Clinical Experiences
Phone: (540) 654-1351
Seacobeck Hall, Room 207