University Supervisors

A College of Education University Supervisor is a member of the UMW full time or adjunct faculty who oversees Student Interns in their school placements, works with the Mentor Teachers toward the Student Intern’s professional development, and assumes all academic responsibilities including monitoring the Student Intern’s progress, discussing the Student Intern’s work and progress with the Mentor Teacher, assisting and advising the Student Intern as needed, and assigning grades

University Supervisors will:

  • attend all internship orientation and special sessions;
  • familiarize themselves with the expectations outlined in the UMW COE Clinical Experiences Handbook;
  • communicate their expectations clearly to the Student Interns;
  • keep the progress of Student Interns confidential, except in supervisory collaboration with Mentor Teachers, school administrators, and University personnel;
  • serve as professional models for Student Interns;
  • assist the Mentor Teachers with an effective Student Intern phase-in and phase-out plan;
  • be sensitive to Student Interns’ concerns and questions;
  • work collaboratively with the Mentor Teachers and other University personnel;
  • work within the guidelines of the UMW Educator Preparation Program;
  • assist Mentor Teachers with UMW assessment procedures, including the mid-term and final evaluations; and
  • negotiate questions and difficulties that may arise among Mentor Teachers and their Student Interns.