Undergraduate Initial Licensure Programs

In response to a recent change in state regulations that allow for an undergraduate major in education, as well as a statewide shortage of teachers, we will be offering four-year paths to teacher licensure beginning in Fall 2020.  The Undergraduate Initial Licensure pathways include a B.S.Ed. in Elementary Education with a major in education, and programs in secondary, PK12, or special education.  All students who apply to the College of Education in the Fall of 2020 will be required to do the Undergraduate Initial Licensure programs as the five-year programs will no longer be offered.

Opportunities for graduates to complete an accelerated master’s degree while they are teaching full-time is in development and will be available for students entering the Undergraduate Initial Licensure programs.

Undergraduate Initial Licensure Programs

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Questions about the programs, contact:

Dr. April Brecht
Director of Advising Center Services
Phone: (540) 286-8032
Email: abrecht@umw.edu

Dr. John Broome
Program Director for Elementary, PreK-12 and Secondary Education
Phone:  (540) 654-1352
Email: jbroome@umw.edu

Dr. Jennifer Walker
Program Director of Special Education
Phone: (540) 654-1348
Email: jwalker4@umw.edu