Advising: Five-Year Programs


I have a questions. Who do I ask?

Question Subject Contact(s)
General Questions Ask  Dr. April Brecht, Director of Advising Services, Phone: (540) 286-8032; Email:
Course  Ask the course professor before your Program Director.
Education Course Schedule  Ask your education advisor. After successful completion of EDUC 203 or EDUC 204, you will be assigned an education advisor and notified over email. If you do not know your education advisor, contact Anna Perdue, Office Manager, (540) 654-1034, Email:,  Office: Trinkle Hall 213
Program  Dr. John P. Broome, Program Director, Phone: (540) 654-1352, Email:, Office: Trinkle Hall 222
Practicum/Internships Ask Dr. Venitta McCall, Professor of Education, Phone: (540) 654-1346, Email:, Office: Trinkle Hall 223


Who is my Program Director?

Program Program Director Contact Information
Elementary Education John P. Broome, PhD (540) 654-1352
PreK-12 Education John P. Broome, PhD (540) 654-1352
Secondary Education John P. Broome, PhD (540) 654-1352
Special Education: Adapted Curriculum John P. Broome, PhD (540) 654-1352
Special Education: General Curriculum John P. Broome, PhD (540) 654-1352


What Tests Do I take?
Signing Up for Tests


When do I have to have my Tests Complete?


Test Preparation and Tutoring
Spring 2017: praxis-prep-flier-sp17


How to I remain in Good Standing and eligibility in my program?
To remain in the program, students must maintain satisfactory performance in both course work and field experiences, follow all regulations, and adhere to all application deadlines. In particular, students must do the following:

1. maintain good academic standing with an overall GPA of 2.5 or better;
2. achieve a GPA of 3.0 or better on the required professional education courses;
3. demonstrate the ability to meet the Minimum Performance Standards;
4. be current on all Professional Clearances;
5. achieve satisfactory evaluations in all field experiences;
6. attend all mandatory cohort advising meetings; and
7.  maintain a record of course work and practicum hours.


How do I get Credit-by-Examination?
Credit-by-Examination Procedures

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