M.S. in Elementary Education

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Elementary Education is a combined five year undergraduate-graduate degree program (bachelors + masters + teaching license) for students who are pursuing licensure at the elementary (PreK-6) level. Students in this program may declare any undergraduate major. The College of Education offers, as electives, courses designed to prepare the liberal arts student to meet the requirements for licensure as a teacher.

You may choose any undergraduate major for this program.

The primary goal of the program is to ensure that teacher candidates, through support, supervision and evaluation, can demonstrate and apply the competencies enumerated in the Virginia licensure regulations and demonstrated by skillful teachers. The program requires the basic and advanced course work and field experiences approved by the Virginia Department of Education for an initial teaching license and establishes, through advising, a personal plan to ensure that all teaching and subject knowledge competencies are demonstrated and all standards are met.

Students complete education course work and field experience at the undergraduate level at the University of Mary Washington; graduate with their class, receiving their bachelor’s degree with a liberal arts or sciences major; and return for an additional year during which they complete graduate education course work, an internship and a research study.

Clinical Experiences
During their undergraduate studies, students in the M.S. program complete multiple practicum experiences that are integrated with education courses. These practicum placements are designed to give students experiences in a variety of schools working with diverse student populations. During the master’s year, students complete two supervised field placements. The fall placement entails 15 hours per week for 13 weeks in a classroom working alongside a mentor teacher. In the spring placement, students are in the classroom full time with a mentor teacher. For both fall and spring placements, students are assigned a University supervisor from the UMW faculty.

Program Advising
Candidates in the M.S. in Elementary Education program are advised by full-time faculty. Advising occurs throughout the year whenever students have questions about program or licensure requirements. Academic advising for course registration occurs during specific periods in fall and spring semesters. During the master’s year, students are advised by their University Supervisors.

Career Opportunities
Graduates of the M.S. in Elementary Education program are well-prepared for elementary education teaching positions. Our graduates are in high demand in the surrounding area, and enjoy an excellent reputation when applying for jobs across the state and country. College of Education graduates have gone on to teach throughout Virginia and the United States, and around the world through such organizations as the Peace Corps and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Program Course Sequence

Required General Education Courses:

  • Quantitative Reasoning: Choose STAT 180 (formerly MATH 200) and one of these courses only: MATH 110, 115A, 120, 121, 122, 28
  • Natural Science (1 two course sequence, lab experience required) BIOL121-132, BIOL125-126, BIOL121-127, BIOL121-128, BIOL125-128, CHEM105-106, CHEM105-107, CHEM111-112, EESC110-EESC112, EESC111-112, EESC111-EESC210, EESC111-221, PHYS101-102, PHYS101-108, PHYS105-106, PHYS105-110
  • Human Experience and Society: LING 101 and HIST 131
  • Global Inquiry: GEOG 101

Required Undergraduate and Graduate Courses:

  • EDUC 203 Introduction to Teaching and Learning: Elementary (3 credits)*
  • EDUC 303 Scientific Inquiry (3 credits)*
  • MATH 204 Mathematical Concepts and Methods I (4 credits)*
  • EDUC 305 Mathematical Concepts and Methods II (3 credits)*
  • EDUC 311 Literature and the Arts in the Elementary Classroom (3 credits)
  • EDUC 371 Language Development and Literacy Instruction: Primary (3 credits)*
  • EDUC 373 Language Development and Literacy Instruction: Intermediate (3 credits)*
  • EDUC 386 Elementary Social Studies Methods (3 credits)
  • EDUC 387 Introduction to Special Education: Elementary (3 credits)
  • EDUC 388 Managing the Elementary Classroom (3 credits)*
  • EDUC 420 The Professional Teacher and Critical Issues in Education (3 credits)
  • BIOL 203 Science in Perspective (3 credits)
  • EDUC 510 The Inclusive Classroom (4 credits)
  • EDUC 514 Models of Instruction (4 credits)*
  • EDUC 521 Educational Research Methods (2 credits)
  • EDUC 530 Master’s Research (3 credits)
  • EDUC 539 Graduate Internship Seminar (1 credit)
  • EDUC 540 Teaching Internship (12 credits)*

One of the following courses:

  • EDUC 522 Arts Specialization (4 credits)
  • EDUC 523 English Language Learner Specialization (4 credits)
  • EDUC 524 Instructional Technology Specialization (4 credits)
  • EDUC 525 Literacy Specialization (4 credits)
  • EDUC 526 Mathematics Specialization (4 credits)
  • EDUC 527 Science Specialization (4 credits)
  • EDUC 528 Social Studies Specialization (4 credits)
  • EDUC 529 Special Education Specialization (4 credits)

*course requiring practicum

Teacher Education Program Admission & Licensure Testing Requirements
Admission to the program requires passing scores on Praxis Core (reading, writing and mathematics) or the qualifying equivalent exam.

To become a fully licensed teacher in Virginia you must take and pass licensure tests before your graduate year. The tests required are the Reading for Virginia Educators (RVE): Elementary and Special Education exam, the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) and the Praxis II exam for the Elementary Education.

Documents, Deadlines & Policies

Admissions Process and Deadlines

Admissions Process and Deadlines (Transfer Students Only)

Checksheet: 2017-2018 MS Elementary Education

Testing Information

Program Policies: Graduate Program Catalog

Questions about the this program, contact:

Dr. April Brecht
Director of Advising Center Services
Phone: (540) 286-8032
Email: abrecht@umw.edu

Dr. Janine Davis
Program Director for Elementary, PreK-12 and Secondary
Phone:  (540) 654-1353
Email: jdavis7@umw.edu