Office of the Dean

College of Education, Office of the Dean

Mission Statement

College of Education
1301 College Avenue, Trinkle Hall
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401

Fredericksburg Campus: (540) 654-1034
Stafford Campus: (540) 286-8097

Dean, College of Education
Peter Kelly, PhD (540) 654-1464
Assistant to the Dean
Terry Luttrell (540) 654-1290
Office Manager, Fredericksburg Campus
Anna Perdue (540) 654-1034
Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Assessment and Accreditation
Courtney Clayton, PhD  (540) 654-1360
Clinical Experiences and Partnerships
Kristina Peck (540) 654-1351
Director of Advising Center Services
April Brecht, PhD (540) 286-8032
 Program Director, Elementary, PreK-12 and Secondary Education
Janine Davis, PhD  (540) 654-1353
Program Director, Advanced and Non-Degree Programs
Jane Huffman, EdD  (540) 286-8117
Program Director, Special Education
Jennifer Walker, PhD (540) 654-1348

State Approval Information

Conceptual Framework