See Live: The Relentless Principal, Hamish Brewer

Principal Hamish Brewer is coming to UMW!

With almost 24 million views on his “The Relentless Principal” Freethink video, national award winning Principal Hamish Brewer is disrupting public education in Virginia. Come see him at UMW!

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Watch Live Online UPDATE: Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to stream this event.

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Principal Brewer’s Biography

Hamish Brewer, a tattooed, skateboarding principal in Northern Virginia isn’t your normal principal. Hamish is high octane, constantly calling on his students to “Be Relentless”. Mr. Brewer has become known as an educational disrupter who transcends the status quo and typical educational norms.

This style has earned Mr. Brewer recognition such as the NAESP Nationally Distinguished Principal, the VAESP School Bell Award, and ASCD Virginia Impact Award.

Mr. Brewer is married and a dad of four. Originally from New Zealand where he earned his Bachelors of Education at the University of Auckland. He completed his Masters of Educational Leadership at VCU in Richmond, VA. Mr. Brewer is currently a doctoral student at Virginia Tech University for educational leadership.

Mr. Brewer serves at the state level as the Federal Relations Coordinator on the Board of Directors with the Virginia Association of Elementary School Principals.

Mr. Brewer was highlighted as a Hometown Hero by Fox 5 in Washington, DC and even performed live as the Whip and Nae Nae Principal. With more than 24 million views his story has become a viral sensation being highlighted on the national news with NBC and Lester Holt.

His unique leadership approach and innovative programs such as black light parties, deskless classrooms, and audio enhanced teachers earned Occoquan Elementary School the very first Nationally Distinguished Title One School Award in the history of Prince William County Public Schools. Now, he’s in his first year at Fred Lynn Middle school, tasked with spearheading the same transformation he led at Occoquan and in his previous school settings.