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Assistive Technology


Journals and Magazines

  • Ability Magazine promotes awareness and highlights the lives of people with disabilities.
  • AT Journal is an online publication focusing on the latest news and resources in assistive technology.  Educational resources and advocacy tools are also provided at the site.
  • Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits is an on-line, peer-reviewed, cross-disability, transdisciplinary journal that publishes articles related to the benefits and outcomes of assistive technology across the lifespan and helps practitioners, consumers, and family members advocate for effective assistive technology practices. Jointly published by ATIA and Special Education Assistive Technology (SEAT) Center at Illinois State University.
  • The Family Guide to Assistive Technology intends to help parents learn more about assistive technology and how it can help their children. The Guide includes tips for getting started, resources for funding, and spotlights on several case studies.
  • Journal of Special Education Technology (JSET) presents up-to-date information and opinions about issues, research, policy, and practice related to the use of technology in the field of special education.
  • Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness is an international, interdisciplinary journal of record on blindness and visual impairment that publishes scholarship and information and serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas, airing of controversies, and discussion of issues.
  • RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology society of America – about assistive technology and rehabilitation technologies and the delivery of related services.
  • Special Education Technology Practice (SETP) features articles on both assistive and instructional technology that have a practical focus for professionals working in special education. SETP highlights applications of technology that enhance teaching, learning, and performance.
  • Speech Technology Magazine features news, independent analysis, new product announcements, special features, in-depth looks at major issues involved in implementing speech technology solutions.
  • T.H.E. Journal has served the educator community in elementary through post-secondary classrooms for over 30 years, featuring articles on learning with technology and effective mechanisms for success.
  • Technology and Disability communicates knowledge about the field of assistive technology devices and services, within the context of the lives of end users-persons with disabilities and their family members.


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