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Below you will find some interesting technology tools that you may want to explore.

  • Goldie Blox – $29.99. This is a combination story book/engineering kit. In order to help the girl in the story solve problems, the reader must build (using the included construction kit) a machine.
  • Roominate – $49.99 for the deluxe building kit. A doit yourself, wired dollhouse building system. Designing, building, and basic circuits.
  • Leap Motion Controller – $79.99. This is a small interface (plugs into a USB port) that allows you to control programs/apps by using your hands or fingers.

3D Printing News

Printrbot, the company that supplies our 3D printers, has made some changes to its product line. They’ve added new features to the Printrbot Jr. (this is the model we’ll be using) but they’ve also increased the price from $499 to $699. They’ve also added a new, lower cost printer, the Simple, for $399. Visit the site to see the changes.

You might also want to visit the Cookie Caster Web site.  It’s a very easy online site that lets you draw (or trace from an image) a cookie cutter than you can then download and send to a 3D printer. I think it’s a good introduction to 3D printing – the shapes are easy to design and print and they seem to print very well with the Printrbot Jr.