Interactive White Board

Interactive White Boards provide opportunities for you to engage in dynamic lessons with your students where your students can become involved with the content. With a simple touch of the board, you can move, take a picture, explore a Web site, and save to post onto your course Web site. Bring your lessons to life with an Interactive White Board.

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Handouts (PDF)

YouTube Videos from The Virtual School: Smart Notebook 11

YouTube videos from The Virtual School: Smartboard Basics

* More from The Virtual School on using the Smartboard

Handouts (PDF) from Smart Technologies

*More Smart board and Smart Notebook Software tutorials


Possible Ideas for your IWB

  • Interact and explore a place such as a virtual field trip or virtual tour
  • Explore and manipulate science, art, or math concepts
  • Create brainstorming maps or categorize information
  • Interact with texts
  • Manipulate models or simulations
  • Interact with the world (Google earth or Web sites)
  • Manipulate maps or data in interactive databases
  • Anything that involves dragging, dropping, rubbing to reveal, shared writing, annotation
  • Transform your Handwriting
  • Communicating
  • Helping Hands

Other Tools and Ideas

Creating a WiiMote interactive white board at your school for $50.00