Destination Imagination (DI)

Destination Imagination (DI) is an international creative problem solving program, focusing on taking students from imagination to innovation. Teams of up to 7 students work together and select one challenge to work on over a period of 3-6 months to present at a tournament. The challenges range from technical, science-focused, fine arts, improvisational, structure, service learning, and a challenge for early learners (ages 4-7). The students may be in kindergarten through college age in order to participate in one of the six challenges.  All students also prepare for an Instant Challenge (IC), in which they need to think quickly and work as a team.

  • To learn more about Destination Imagination, go to the international website:

To participate and volunteer in DI, you can choose to be an appraiser or a team manager. This is a volunteer-run organization, and the more volunteers there are, the better the tournaments are for the students.

The Virginia website is:

Regional information and contact information:

    • Jefferson regional training and tournament:
      • Regional Director: Bev Rakes –
      • Team Manager Training: 11/17/12
        • Location: Monticello HS, Albemarle Co
      • Appraiser Training – 2/16/13 (snowdate: 2/23)
        • Location: Western Albemarle HS
      • Tournament – March 2; snowdate: March 16
        • Location: Western Albemarle HS, Crozet (just west of Charlottesville)


    • Northwest VA/Northern VA regional training and tournament:
      • Northwest Regional Director: Louise Liddle-
      • Northern VA Regional Director: Laura Theobald –
      • Team Manager Training – 11/17/12
        • Location: Hilda J Barbour Elementary School, Front Royal
      • Appraiser Training – 2/9/13 (snowdate: 2/16)
        • Location: John  Handley HS, Winchester
      • Tournament – March 9; snowdate: March 10
        • Location: John Handley HS, Winchester



    • Roanoke regional training and tournament:
      • Regional Director: Mark Schilke –
      • Team Manager Training – TBA
        • Location: TBA
      • Appraiser Training – TBA
        • Location: TBA
      • Tournament – March 2
        • Location: Glenvar MS, Roanoke