Shadows with Legos (SOL K8)

Student shows his Lego building

Student shows his Lego building

Standard of Learning (SOL) K8 The students will investigate and understand that shadows occur when light is blocked by an object

Target Key concepts include: b) shadows can be produced by blocking artificial light sources

Materials:  Legos, paper, flashlight, pencils/crayons


  1. Teachers begin by describing what shadows are and ask students about what they know about shadows.
  2. Students draw a picture on the board of a shadow (Sun shining on person who has a shadow)
  3. Teachers explain how if they make a building with Legos, it will cast a shadow
  4. Students build a building with Legos.
  5. Students trace the shadow on a piece of paper the building is on, when Teachers shine a light on it.

Informal Assessment: Students are asked to share the pictures of their buildings and explain how the buildings are blocking the paper from the light and that is why the shadow occurs.

Teacher Reflection: Overall the science lesson went well with the younger group and even better with the older group. We have decided to hand out objects gradually rather than have them all on the table at once. We have also decided to have the younger group broken into two smaller groups rather than one large one and have an instructor for each group.

Parent Letter:  Today we discussed shadows.  Students made shadow drawings of their Lego creations using a flashlight. Ask your student to describe how shadows are made, why some shadows are big/small, and why you may or may not see a shadow.