A text-set is a collection of multiple texts focusing on one curricular concept, theme, or topic. Text-sets typically include multiple genres and media, including but not limited to books, charts, maps, Web pages, Weblogs, informational pamphlets, songs, photographs, and encyclopedias.

Below are multi genre text-sets developed by students in EDUC 311, Literature & the Arts course:

Tips for Using Text Sets

  • Provide multiple books to allow for conversations/discussions
  • Think about the theme from many perspectives
  • Include written and non written materials (images, maps, music, art)
  • Encourage students to explore new questions or revisit ideas from past lessons
  • Provide time for students to read books from the set and share in small groups
  • Help students build patterns between books, discussions, and group work to allow for deeper study


  • Allows for multiple perspectives to be explored around complex issues
  • Provides opportunities for learners of different abilities, learning styles, and abilities to access information
  • Enrich the curriculum beyond one course textbook or resource
  • Using in small groups allows students to debate and see topics from different perspectives
  • Allows for inquiry learning around topics and themes
  • Access to multiple forms of text building reading skills
  • Can provide for critical evaluation, synthesis, and application