FAQ for M.Ed. for Initial Licensure

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What tests are required for admission to the M.Ed. for Initial Licensure program?

There are four testing options for admission to the program.  The passing test scores must be on file at the time of admission.

What is an endorsement area?

An endorsement area is the grade level or subject area you are planning to teach.

What are endorsement courses?

Endorsement courses are the undergraduate or graduate course in the content area required by the Commonwealth of Virginia for teacher licensure. A preliminary transcript evaluation will be completed at the time of admission.  The formal review will be completed and approved by your academic advisor.   The endorsement course requirements must be completed prior to the internship. Official transcripts are required to verify completion of coursework.

What is a provisional license?

A provisional license a nonrenewable license valid for a period not to exceed three years issued to an individual who has allowable deficiencies for full licensure as set forth in the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) licensure regulations.

An individual with a provision license may complete the M.Ed. requirements while teaching.  However, the review of your transcript by VDOE licensure specialists may require courses that are different from the courses in the M.Ed. approved program.

What is a practicum?

The M.Ed. for Initial Licensure requires practicum courses in conjunction with several courses in addition to the intern/student-teaching requirement.  Each practicum will provide extended time in a school setting to observe in the classroom, examine the dynamics of the school, assist the mentor teacher with classroom tasks and teach lessons.

Placements will be made by the Director of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships in schools representing the racial/ ethnic , socio-economic, and linguistic diversity in our region.

All teacher candidates are required to complete program practicum requirements for licensure.

If you are already employed by a school as a practicing teacher or teacher aide it may be possible to complete some of the practicum requirements in your current place of employment.

For detailed information regarding the practicum requirements, review the Clinical Experiences Handbook

Individual questions should be directed to Dr. Adria Hoffman (Director of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships) at ahoffma2@umw.edu

What is the internship?

The internship is required for licensure through the University of Mary Washington. Teacher candidates enrolled in the M.Ed. program complete a semester-long full-time internship while those working towards endorsements in multiple school levels (PK-12 or K-6, Special Education or TESL) complete two 7-week placements.

During these full-time placements, interns involve themselves in the entire school day, as well as afternoon, evening, and weekend activities in which faculty and students learn from one another

What are the requirements for application to the internship?

To be eligible for the internship, all professional studies courses, endorsement courses, practicum courses and licensure testing requirements MUST be met.  The remaining course work required for the M.Ed. may be taken after completion of the internship.

You may also complete all M.Ed. requirements and return as a non-degree student within two semesters of graduation to complete the internship.

What tests are required for initial licensure?

The Commonwealth of Virginia requires the following exams for licensure.  All testing must be completed prior to the internship.