Placement Policies & Forms

  1. ALL teacher candidates enrolled in practicum-bearing courses MUST complete the practicum information form no later than the end of the first week of the semester/term. You can find the form at the following link:
  1.  Mentor teachers are solicited to work with specific programs based on the recommendations of instructional faculty and school-based administrators. School administrators confirm availability and schedules of mentor teachers.
  2. The Associate Dean of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships, with input from UMW CoE faculty, mentor teachers and school administrators, makes all practicum placements.  Structured, diverse experiences (with regard to student population, school divisions, grade levels, and subject/ content areas), transportation concerns for undergraduate students, schedules, and course requirements all comprise the placement decision process.
  3. The Associate Dean of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships distributes placement information via email with teacher candidates, mentor teachers, and school administrators.
  4. The Associate Dean of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships electronically (email) distributes confirmation letters to teachers and assignment lists to program coordinators and school administrators.

2014 Practicum Hours Log Please use this form to track your practicum hours. Do not turn in your form at the end of the semester unless you have filled in all information fields.